TubeComments lets you search YouTube comments by user. Find and delete unwanted ones, track replies, search the comments of other users, or just go back and see what you said.

Can't I just find my comments with a Google search or whatever?

Yup, eventually.

So TubeComments just makes it more convenient and organized?

We hope so.

Why does the name I entered not show any results?

Your YouTube handle, or screen-name, might differ from your username, which might differ from each of the many Google+ names that everyone has accidentally acquired.

The name you should enter is the one that appears with comments on commented video pages. However, that name might differ among commented videos depending on the comment date.

You might not see any comments if the name you enter is non-unique, such as a first and last name, as Google+ names often are.

Some recent comments might not yet be added to the API data, and will therefore not show up in search results. Comments made on videos with a great many previously made comments are less likely to be discovered.

Can I search any user's comments?

Yes, with the same caveats about search terms.

How come only some comments have expandable replies?

Only replies made to a G+ linked account are available through YouTube's API.

In TubeComments' search results, when you click the "share" icon, does that little hyperlink icon just go to the YoutTube video page?

It goes to that page with the found comment at the top, displaying a small, grey, barely noticeable banner that says "LINKED COMMENT."

Sometimes I leave more than one comment on a video. Why is only one comment from each commented video displayed in the search results?

We used to fill up our search results with multiple comments per video but our users let us know they preferred results distributed over many videos instead. Let us know how you feel about this; we will consider adding another option based on interest.

How is this site supported?

The site generates revenue when users interact with ads that interest them and then use the sites that the ads link to.

Ongoing operational costs have increased to include new charges imposed by Google for the use of its API, so the search engine feature of Tubecomments is made available each day only when the site's revenue exceeds a minimum threshold for that day.

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